Monday, January 21, 2008

Fabulous Finland summer hotels

Finland is a beautiful country, though overlooked by the tourists but in the recent past, has seen tourist activity growing. Though the country makes an all round destination but summers are the best time when the country sees a lot of activity. This summer my friends decided for a holiday in Finland and roped me in too. I was not that keen but they kept on insisting and I had to give in. Now after making the trip I am happy I made the right decision. With accommodation always a concern while traveling, we looked for some options and found a wide choice in finland summer hotels. Summer time is the busiest time and tourists flock the place and it always a nice feeling thinking when you arrive, you will have a room waiting for you. We booked online at a site and got some good deals. We had a great time during our holiday with so many opportunities to pursue. It was fun going on trekking, cycling, and canoeing. On the top to come back to comfortable, warm rooms and a cozy bed was just what we wanted. Finland summer hotels were just fabulous.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Hotels in Helsinki- Best I have stayed in

Helsinki city surprised me when I chanced upon visiting it as a part of my European tour. I had heard about Finland but such natural beauty, a modern and cultural city Helsinki all took me by surprise. The city was a perfect example of a cosmopolitan lifestyle existing in harmony with nature and history. We stayed at hotels in Helsinki, and having made reservations, we did not face any problems. I was impressed by the high level of accommodation facilities offered by the city ranging from luxury five stars to economical hotels in Helsinki. The city is a peaceful and elegant city, with loads of things for all kinds of travelers. I was visiting the city when the winters were setting in and the tourist season was ending. However, the city has its own charm in winters, with snow setting in, throws a number of endless opportunities. Besides visiting the city attractions, I had great fun trying out the various winter sports. The hotels in helsinki were some of the best I have stayed in, hospitable staff and excellent services.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Finland hotels- For Rewarding holidays

Finland is a rewarding destination for those looking for a quite retreat, amidst amazing natural beauty, friendly people, superb Finland hotels and excellent services. When we thought of a holiday, we wanted a place, which was quite, relaxing and away from the maddening rush. Finland seemed a nice option and accommodation was easy to find, and I booked into a three star hotel, which looked good, and prices were not very high. Finland has a very good accommodation options from five star luxury finland hotels to small cozy and remote lakeside log cabins. I settled for a hotel in the center of the city and all through my stay, I got excellent service at the hotel. The hotel was very comfortable, friendly and excellent value for money. As pleased, I was with the hotel, the city left me completely impressed by its beauty. Finland is a quiet land with a vast natural wealth, providing with a range of activities all through the year.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Helsinki hotels- Superb services

Helsinki hotels welcome guests with warm hospitality and some superb services to tourists who flock Helsinki, one of Europe’s most modern and cultural cities. A holiday to Helsinki seemed quite appealing as being an outdoor person I was sure to find numerous opportunities to check out. I booked for helsinki hotels, which I got with ease and were available for all kind of travelers. From higher end to budget economical hotels, one could find rooms easily. A remarkable city, with a small town atmosphere had everything to attract tourists. However, it is all the year round destination but the best time is summers and I chose that. During my stay, I had a wonderful time, with the sun shining and the weather warm and pleasant. The city was all bustling with activity, with colorful market squares and halls, outdoor summer concerts and sports events taking place. I enjoyed the outdoor pursuits and a visit to city’s museums and galleries gave a peek of the city’s history.

Friday, December 7, 2007

Hotels in Finland- Value for money

Hotels in Finland provide high level of accommodation options to its guests and are importantly value for money. I came across a hotel, on my visit to Finland, which was so comfortable, warm and hospitable that I never felt I was away from my home. For me comfort always comes first and this is what I got. Moreover, I was visiting Finland for the first time and having heard about the beautiful country and what an excellent retreat it is, and for a quite break, it made a perfect place. I visited during the summers, which is a great time as the sun shines for 20 hours and one gets a lot of time having fun with opportunities for outdoor activities. With a myriad of waterways like rivers, lakes make way for number of activities and I really enjoyed this. The trip to Finland was all the worth and I returned relaxed and refreshed. Tourists sometimes underestimate this country and overlook it but I look forward to giving it a visit again and with some excellent hotels in finland, it becomes easier.