Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Helsinki hotels- Superb services

Helsinki hotels welcome guests with warm hospitality and some superb services to tourists who flock Helsinki, one of Europe’s most modern and cultural cities. A holiday to Helsinki seemed quite appealing as being an outdoor person I was sure to find numerous opportunities to check out. I booked for helsinki hotels, which I got with ease and were available for all kind of travelers. From higher end to budget economical hotels, one could find rooms easily. A remarkable city, with a small town atmosphere had everything to attract tourists. However, it is all the year round destination but the best time is summers and I chose that. During my stay, I had a wonderful time, with the sun shining and the weather warm and pleasant. The city was all bustling with activity, with colorful market squares and halls, outdoor summer concerts and sports events taking place. I enjoyed the outdoor pursuits and a visit to city’s museums and galleries gave a peek of the city’s history.

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