Thursday, January 10, 2008

Hotels in Helsinki- Best I have stayed in

Helsinki city surprised me when I chanced upon visiting it as a part of my European tour. I had heard about Finland but such natural beauty, a modern and cultural city Helsinki all took me by surprise. The city was a perfect example of a cosmopolitan lifestyle existing in harmony with nature and history. We stayed at hotels in Helsinki, and having made reservations, we did not face any problems. I was impressed by the high level of accommodation facilities offered by the city ranging from luxury five stars to economical hotels in Helsinki. The city is a peaceful and elegant city, with loads of things for all kinds of travelers. I was visiting the city when the winters were setting in and the tourist season was ending. However, the city has its own charm in winters, with snow setting in, throws a number of endless opportunities. Besides visiting the city attractions, I had great fun trying out the various winter sports. The hotels in helsinki were some of the best I have stayed in, hospitable staff and excellent services.

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